gracingsFULLOFroses Greensboro

// yezyezyezyez//

rehearsed lines on repeat

the same dance

two steps apart from the last.

happy birthday fills the air

and i pretend they are singing to me.

i am the orchestrator

in front of my lit box of options

and a monotonous one at that.

// sKin//

i think i have found my favorite smell

and that is the smell of skin.

the smell of a baby’s skin

so soft

sweet and milky.

lips stained with tobacco

fresh after a smoke.

a body

fresh from exertion

still tickled with sweat.


freshly dampened

from a sprinkling of kisses.





the final breath before the marathon

the last gasp

and all

i breathe in

is your skin.

// Umpphh//

Sitting alone on this over-sized travel box.

clicking the locks

to the beat of the bass

as i watch the lights

through the square of the hallway

and the people

they dance

and they stumble

and fall

and cling to the railings

like statuesque walls.

The air’s filled with smiles

and giggles

and sweat

and questions of who

and ‘where have we met’s.

You need a cup to bring your water to the floor

You need cups to complete your cup obsession

and like you said

nobody sells cups!

Cups on cups

on pins

and needles

and weird

and i might throw up.

But pillow me up

and keep it


// Piss stained blankets//

Popped a half an adi
im awake
as this music is blasting through the house.
Breakfast at tiffanys is playing and
god Audrey,
please be more distracting.
Where did everyone go,
when you are left here.
Pretty little liar’s hold no place in any part of my formidable small world. You are sleeping beside me and I want to move your hair
but you’re sleeping so soundly
and if this noise won’t wake you
neither will I.
Sleep away giant.
I want to find your area. The music’s playing low
and I feel different but I wander.
about you,
and the way you feel.
And I wander.
And I wander.
You better believe ill eat all that bacon in one bite.
And stop calling me a cheater, hater.

// flowsday night//

Were gathered in a circle
Of friendly acquaintances
In a dimly lit room
Listening to sad blues music.
You’re passing me too many things at once
whilst my ears are bouncing off
the facing walls on either side of me.
I drop everything because
For a moment
I am where I should be.
This feels right
and my body feels right
and my lips are numbing.
I’m waiting for my 8 minutes
But I wonder if I will miss them.
I breathe out
And giggle
In a deep voice
And again,
It feels so right.

// all one//

I’m walking home at dusk
In the light rain
With a head full of electronic music
And ears full of rubber.
I’m staying dry
as my feet are becoming puddles
And I walk faster to get home
As they get more and more wet
And are no longer part of my dry body.
I reread the drunken mistakes for love letters
I wrote to you and
Wonder if my sober self will ever meet
My drunk self.
I wonder which one you have met.
I wonder who is the better poet.
A man hides in the shadows
Only coming a light to say
He should be my man.
I laugh a little louder than I should
And continue my
Walk home.

// stumbling//

Skinny tab at walkers on a Sunday.
You made my tab and broke it.
Stumbling on words
and Legs
and silly met glances.
Tonight I feel great
but tomorrow I will pay my tab.
You want me to stumble over you
And I don’t want to.
I want you where you’re standing.
I want to stop stumbling in transit.
Lucky, lucky,
You are not.
feeding the plastic lips
Tillthe lucks all gone
Or the beer’s all out-
Whichever comes first.
Now I’m stumbling on sports headlines
And that cute little hair flip.
I’m sitting
Because I’m stumbling.
and if you can still walk,
Help me stumble out.

// #birthdayweek//

Bloody Mary’s and muffins for breakfast.
Shooting pool,
Swapping stories,
And whooping ass
(Almost equally)
On eachother.
Birthday week begins with whatever I want.
It’s five o’clock somewhere
and that somewhere is here.
I can hear voices from the television
creeping through the bathroom walls,
But the door is closed
So I assume someone is watching it
And I am no longer alone in my house.

What an odd feeling;
To not know.

// 1000 in 1//

I dreamt 1000 things in one sleep.
I would sleep and wakeup and sleep again.
Run on dreams are way more entertaining than run on sentences.
I should hang my dream catcher somewhere other than my kitchen.
This morning at 11:11 all I wished for was an awesome life.
I used to wish for you, but wishes can’t change your mind and neither can I.
My friend Molly made a love potion but it’s only temporary.
I don’t need a love potion-
I need someone that wants to live while I live.
Share parts of life with me.
I want skin on my skin.
An instant melty feeling, when I look into your grey eye’s.
Moreover, I need you to have those qualities because
I already do.

// technicalities//

Keeping it technical.
Familiarity floats in
amongst the sounds.
But some are more familiar
Than others.
Perceiving what I choose to perceive
in the perception I wish to accept.
You’re laughable
And you’re talking to that nasty cunt.
Everyone[not everyone] here
Is laughable.
Surround yourself with the happiness you wish to live amongst
and settle for nothing less.
Sometimes a thing doesnt need a conversation because you just know.
And if you don’t just know
maybe that truly is your problem.
I know
And if I dont
I sure as hell act like I do.
I didn’t watch Walker Texas Ranger as a child
To grow up like a sissy.

// gone//

Bout to get high
on chicken wings,
and beer.
Bro time for the I-don’t-give-a-fuck’s.
Cut off all my hair
Because I don’t give a fuck.
I hate the song playing so much
I kind of like it.
What happens in the karma reciprocal when you kill off people
who may or may not
be alive.
You weren’t leaving the state,
You just wanted a bigger sip than everyone else.
Selfishness only gets you as far as
the next place you go.

// black&white//

Jazz music creeping out my shitty speakers.
College radio station jam.
boots and skirts or boots and cats, whatever helps us win.
my president is black, and
So what.
I tried to put my race as Native American on my third grade end of year test and my teacher told me I was white.
Jazz drum solo.
You’re “accidentally” texting me and
I am trying to ignore you.
Que various saxophones.
If everything turned out like we wanted,
we would grow complacent.
I am no sheep but
Ill share some wool
To keep warm.

// uhhnhh//

I go to the bar with no appetite for liquor-
Or anything alcohol related -
On the night no means two shots of shitty house whiskey.
It may be whiskey Wednesday but yesterday was tequila Tuesday
and I lost.
My technology is far slower than my thinking capacity.
I would like to return to DC to browse the free museums,
But mostly I would like to paruse you.
Big kid things for big kid people,
Though everyone gets a little upset when they don’t get what they want.
You know what I want.

// in real life?//

Sometimes riding in a car is like riding on a rollercoaster.
Always keep a pen handy.
soaring through white lines like I’m in a video game.
Cake is oozing out the car speakers,
and I can’t see what I’m writing;
only guage the amount of space it takes up
And trust my hands.

// in real life?//

Sometimes riding in a car is like riding on a rollercoaster.
Always keep a pen handy.
soaring through white lines like I’m in a video game.
Cake is oozing out the car speakers,
and I can’t see what I’m writing;
only guage the amount of space it takes up
And trust my hands.

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